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PIP Arbitration

PIP No-Fault Arbitration Legal Counsel

Camilla Morch helps doctors and medical providers navigate this specialized area of law and collect money that they can lawfully claim.

How Does the No-Fault PIP arbitration Process Work in New Jersey?

When a PIP insurance company either refuses to pay for treatment, pays incorrectly or unfairly underpays for treatment provided to a patient whose injuries relate to an automobile accident, Morch Law will file a Demand for Arbitration against the automobile insurance company.

If the total claim for PIP benefits is less than $1,000.00, it will become “on the papers” file to be decided on the legal arguments submitted by the parties.

The attorneys of Morch Law have handled thousands of PIP arbitration cases and has achieved successful outcomes for unpaid or underpaid PIP treatment. Morch Law does not charge any fees to our medical provider clients for preparing and following to conclusion PIP arbitration matters. Morch law does not charge a fee to our health provider clients. There are zero out-of-pocket costs for our PIP clients.


When we are awarded money for our PIP claims in the Forthright arbitration forum, attorney fees and costs will be paid by the automobile insurance company.

Expert Report

How we write our Expert Reports?

We review all the medical records to ensure the CPT codes billed by the medical providers are supported by the records. We utilize and Fair Health to determine the applicable UCR for each and every CPT code billed. The amount of reimbursement is based upon the geozip code, the first three numbers in a zip code. We author a report with an excel spreadsheet that shows the date of service, the CPT code, what was performed, how much was billed and what the usual and customary reimbursement would be. We then provide a total number which is the reasonable reimbursement amount. We believe in a collaborative effort and offer personalized hands on service.

Expert Report

Camilla T. Morch, Esq.

Expert in medical billing based upon representing medical providers both as a defense and plaintiff’s attorney for the last twenty years.
Additionally, we bring in certified coders to write the report with us.

What we need

  •  Medical records to support the billing.
  • Bills with CPT codes, without CPT codes they can’t be analyzed.
  • PIP ledger (if applicable)
  • Any Medicare Lien information.
  • Any applicable Health Care Lien information

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Expert Reports

We write “boardable” expert reports to address the unpaid or underpaid medical bills involved in your personal injury litigation. Writing a bullet-proof Expert Report requires thoroughly analyzing all the billing and corresponding medical records, understanding the treatment and procedures performed and communicating medical billing concepts clearly and unambiguously.

Deposition Summaries

Deposition summaries

In detail…

We provide deposition summaries by a person with a Ph.D. in Political Science and an experienced litigation attorney. We believe the summaries provide a digest of the main points from each deposition. This can help you better manage your time as you build your case.

We provide professional deposition summaries in a format which suits you. This will save you time. Many carriers do not reimburse for deposition summaries and we provide a cost-effective solution.

Once the deposition is received, the team acts quickly to review and distill the key points into a summary deposition digest document. We provide it in the format which you chose. Client and firm confidentiality will be strictly maintained at all times.

Friendly, Reliable Professional Services

• Over 15 years in business

• Competitive pricing

• Your favorite format

• Conflict checks

• Convenience

• Expertise in summarizing in a clear, concise format

• Secure electronic deliveries

• Optional Dropbox file transfer

• Free up hours and days of employees’ time; avoid employee overtime expenses.

• Confidence.  Files are safe and confidential